[1/31/2020] Free Blockchain Domain Names and AMA with UnstoppableDomains

Do you know what a Blockchain Domain name is? It looks just like a regular domain name, but for your crypto!

What this means is that you no longer need to remember long crypto addresses. To send cryptocurrency, all you need to know is the recipient’s blockchain domain, like mike.crypto.

Now that you know how accessible they make crypto (our founder spoke highly of them in his predictions for 2020), you might understand how excited we are to announce our latest giveaway with unstoppabledomains.com. Unstoppable Domains is the registrar of the .crypto blockchain names, and they are willing to give every one of you a .crypto blockchain name for free!

All you have to do is join our Telegram Community by Friday, 01/31 1 PM UTC and wait for us to hand them out to your Trust Wallet.

But no only are they giving away free .crypto names, they are also splashing out $3,000 worth of Bitcoin BTC. One lucky camper will win $1,000 in BTC for simply retweeting or sharing our announcement post on Twitter and Facebook. The remaining $2,000 will be split between questions coming from Twitter and Facebook which will be answered during the AMA itself.

AMA is an abbreviation for “ask me anything.” As a noun, it often means “an event during which a person will answer questions from an audience.”

Just in case you are interested in legal jargon, head over here to read the terms and conditions of our giveaway.