Any chance of retrieving?

Hi I’m not sure if you can help or not but it’s gotta be worth a try.
I tried to send all my “smartchain” bnb to a token address for a crypto called “surge” now I used BSC Scan to get the address and unfortunately there was another identical crypto called the same and unfortunately this is a dead old crypto , I found there telegram etc to try to contact but it’s all inactive. Is there anything that can be done to retrieve this?


Hello @Dalerogers2003 confirmed blockchain transactions can’t be reversed or cancelled, the only way to recover your funds is by contracting the address owner of the destination address to send back to you.

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Hi, yer that’s what I feared. If you don’t know who it is though there ain’t a lot I can do I guess :cry: like I said I found the token and there telegram page but there’s no response .
Thanks for going to the bother of replying though :+1:

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