Bad network to buy ICO

I need your help

I created few days ago my trust wallet to buy ICO.
I transfered Etherum and BNB from my Binance account wihtout problem.

After , I sent Etherum to a ICO : PXP (pointpay).
I used the PXP adress

But after few hours, nothing appaers in my trust wallet :frowning:

I talked with PXP support, and they explained to me that I use the wrong network. this is their answer

Hello! As we have found, you have sent your funds using wrong network. Please note that you should use ERC-20. Unfortunately, your funds are lost.

1 ) Is there are a solution to cancel transaction and recover my etherum ?

  1. what was my mistake when I did the transfer ?

thanks in advance.

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Sorry if the transition was pending you could try to cancel it but yours is successful and in their wallet and wallet owner is the only one that could return it

thanks Shirdal , but how to know who is the wallet owner to call him ?