Balance transferring issue

I sent KJM coins to Binance Smart Chain through my Trust Wallet.The KJM was deducted but did not show on my Smart Chain balance.Please help

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Kindly provide us the following details for better assistance,

  1. Your Trust wallet app version (Click on setting > about & take an screenshot. attach It here.)
  2. Your Crypto address. ( Click on receive near to send option. Take a screenshot, Attach It here)
  3. Transaction Hash / ID ( write down, If you have any)
  4. Screenshot from the wallet. (Errors, Balance aren’t displaying etc.)
  5. Explanation of your Issue. (Ignore, If already did)
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Thanks rakib320,here you go:

Trust wallet app version 5.22(5224)

Crypto address (Binance Smart Chain) : 0x6D6A4D871D9BFE6b548eDB935625E0786103fA29&asset=c20000714

Transaction hash: 0xd758915edcf9595a696b13f01fa61849c30117e95496c8bf387db412266defac

I opend KJM hit send button,pasted my Smart Chain address,chose the KJM amount what I wanted to transfer than finally hit Next button.
Everything was fine,the KJM amount disappeared but the Smart chain amount did not changed!
Thank you

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Hi, @hirtpeti Please try to add it as custom token. Here are the steps that you can do to manually add the token: How to Add a Custom Token

Token details:
Network: Smart Chain
contract: 0x737f0e47c4d4167a3eecde5fa87306b6eee3140e
Decimals: 9

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HI Alan47!It has been already added as a custom coin.My problem is that I wanted to send some of the KJM coint to Smart Chain but the amount does not added to my Smart Chain amount.

@hirtpeti you can’t convert them by directly sending ERC20 token to BEP20 address, you have to contact project team if there’s bridge to swap from ERC20 to BEP20.

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Thanx Alan47,but I think both coins were bep20.So I’m waiting for rakib320,or someone else solution.

Can you send a BEP20 token to COIN I sent elongate to smartchain bnb please could you help

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Hi rakib320!
Did you managed to figure out something?
I sent you a details earlier!
Thanx a lot!