Bepswap website is down lost crypto

I was an LP on Bepswap and used to be able to see all my holdings on and now the site is down and every time I try to get answers from the Thorchain community I get attacked by scammers that send me to various websites to “validate my wallet”

is this something real? here are a couple of the websites I have been given; and this and actually a few others I can’t locate at the moment but they were different addresses with the same theme.

I don’t trust putting my seed phrase in random websites; can anyone help me figure out how to actually contact the real Thorchain people to fix this?

Hello @joeybitcoin69 there is no wallet validation, sync or whatever terminology these scammers are using. There’s no role for recovery phrase in solving wallets issues so, no read moderator will ask for recovery phrase.
Also, remember rules of crypto:-

  1. No real admin will PM/DM you first.
  2. No real admin will ask you for wallet recovery/private keys (including filling forms).

You have to wait for official answer from THORChain regarding your issue.

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THANKS! Luckily I did not fall for it, but it has been difficult getting to the real Thorchain people; so many fakes.

Thanks again!

Great! Glad to know that. If you have further inquiries, feel free to message us. Stay SAFU!