Betting sites using crypto currency

Is their any sites using crypto currency to bet games?


Many sites are there for betting buddy like goosebet,rinobet, altcore and so on. you can make a search on google but before starting make sure you analyze to confirm for legit.


Alright buddy I will do that am really interested

I think you should save your cryptos for better things :pray::pray:


Why not keep the crypto currency for better future investments.
I personally think it’s better that way. Betting can be very addictive.


There is quite a handful it all depends on which kind of of bet you referring to we have cng coins on coinsbit dot io and other casino online games using crypto to stake games. Burh unlike popular bet site like betking betnaija are local betting site still growing some other int’l bet site has started inculcating crypto into their folds.


I personally suggest you not to gamble your hard earn Crypto believe me i lost many time in Stake com

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Many. They even have reward program where crypt I currencies could be earned

Can’t you guys stay without this betting of a thing?? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: