BNB Smart chain to Vechain

Hello new to the group I swapped smart chain to vechain and i never received the funds the transaction shows as complete but vechain shows 0$. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I’m also missing $0.50 for smartchain for switching busn to bnb, I’m new to it, if someone can help I would be very grateful… adress is:

welcome to the club!

it appears that there is a bug with switching in the past few days…
i lost 2 fees do to crypt changing from bnb to bnb smart chain.
wanted to switch/change. later balance “0” and a mini heart attack, then it just got back to bnb balance. not smart chain.
but fees were taken…

2x in 2 days…

maybe I’m not a smart man,but something’s fucky here…

I am as well facing the same issue.i transfered from smart Chain to Vechain. And never received to Vechain

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If you figure it out please let ne know. I transferred 100$ its been almost a month and nothing.