BNB staking rewards

Is there anything in the works for the app to show us all the BNB we are receiving from staking? I cant see the transactions so I can keep up for tax purposes.

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Had the same question, just search in Telegram “BSC Staking Bot” then follow the instructions. You should see something like this:


The problem is that is that the rewards history only goes back 30 days using the /summary function and even using the initial /add function (where it replies with a longer history) it still only goes back about 3 months. In my case I started staking/received rewards in April 2021 but it only shows history through early August 2021. How can you get the bot to return a full history? How do I get a full history? Short of this, will not be able to accurately report my taxes. May need to stop using Trust Wallet if the team does not come up with a solution to this asap. Major problem for anyone trying to be compliant and very bad look for Trust Wallet/Binance with regulators.

Hi there,

Where can I see my rewards?
I have been staking BNB for ages now and I can’t see any rewards on my wallet.

The valitador shows as active tho