Can not access frozen TRX stake

I have staked 35 TRX and now it’s frozen and I can not do anything with it. It’s been almost 1 month and either tronscan support nor trust support don’t do anything to help. Wallet does not even show that I have staked these TRX, tho I can see them in Tronscan.

Your Tron are not staked but frozen, You have to stake whole amount of frozen TRX and wait for 3 days then unstake, they’ll be available.

Read how to stake TRX here: How to Stake TRON (TRX) on Trust Wallet

but how is it possible I have staked them, It is even showing in tronscan that I staked, but thanks for response.

I am also facing this problem. I contacted with support. But they didn’t response my email yet…