Cancel transaction

Hello. How can I cancel this transaction with this hash number?

Hello @Rezanasereslami8 transaction seems to be successful, Unfortunately, confirmed blockchain transactions can’t be reversed or cancelled. If you know the owner of the destination address you can ask him/her to return. Otherwise, nothing can be done be careful next time, double check the address before transacting.

Hi, what if the link doesn’t belong to anyone then is there a possibility to get BNB back in trust wallet? Actually i wanted to sed the amount back in my bainance account but i hadn’t any idea about that so i copy the address from inside the transaction i received BNB from. There was two address’s “To” & “From” i copied “From” and since then there’s no clue where my money is? Any help would be much appreciated cause that is all i have which i invented in!!

Hello @HNA302 Unfortunately, confirmed transactions at blockchain are irreversible.

If you know the receiver ask them to return to you.

It was my address i copied it from inside the transaction “From” link and sent the amount ok it