Cannot connect to ZRX staking using Android

I cannot connect my Trustwallet to staking as Trustwallet no longer appears in the list. I staked ZRX and was able to connect in the past. The help is out of date so that did not work


Your question isn’t precise are you saying trustwallet is one of the validators through which you stake on the zrx staking protocool or that the Dapp isn’t listed no more on the trustwallet web3?

Trustwallet is not a validators just a wallet offering web3 Dapp you can type in the link of the staking site of zrx staking protocool and do your thing.

Be more precise so the community can effectively help out.


A few months ago from TrustWallet on my Android phone I used the DApps button get a link to 0X staking (0x: Powering the decentralized exchange of tokens on Ethereum) to stake some ZRX coins. I had to click on Connect a Wallet and TrustWallet was listed. I believe the staking is still working as I get emails about new Epochs.

Now when I click on TrustWallet’s DApps, and go to the link 0x:org/zrx/staking, and click on Connect a Wallet, TrustWallet is not in the list so I can’t see the coins I staked.

It’s now working. But I had to select Metamask since TrustWallet was nt in the list.

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