Collectibles not appear on the wallet tab

Hi, I am using Iphone (IOS). I can’t see my collectibles bought from Oversea on my wallet tab. It works fine previously but it doesnt today. I can still see my collectibles on my Oversea account (connected with Trust Wallet). Would you please advise? Thanks.


Hello @shunnnnn Sorry for the trouble you have faced to reach us. This problem is happening to high load on NFT’s providers. Our team is in contact with them. Please share your ETH address so we can confirm your problem and forward it to our team.

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Thanks for your reply.

Would you mind to explain a bit more about your mentioned possible reason?

I could see my collectibles in Trust Wallet last day but they are just not appeared today. Not sure if the problem is happened due to IOS updates on my Trust Wallet APP earlier today…


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@shunnnnn it is server problem on OpenSea side team was working with OpenSea to fix the problem.

Hi, just to further clarify, my case is that my collectibles are no longer displaying on my TW app. These includes all my NFTs bought from oversea for the past few weeks…

In addition my current Trust Wallet app IOS version is 6.3 (635).

Thanks again.

That’s what I just said. The issue is affecting NFT that are already in the wallet, app is not displaying them.

Thanks Alan47. So do I need to anything from my side? I am just a bit worried coz my TW does not show any of my NFTs…

@shunnnnn no worries, your assets are safe it’s just a display issue. You don’t have to do anything from your side.


I have a BIG PROBLEM the instant I updated the app it stopped allowing me to purchase NFTs. On opensea.

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Same here, I cannot make purchases or sell anything on OpenSea. This is not good. Simply blaming Opensea is not good.

The trust wallet works fine, but now I’m upset because the wallet is missing

I’m having the same issue. It’s the new 6.3 version. And now I can’t even buy NFTs at all. The older 6.2 version worked perfectly but the instant I updated no more purchasing for me

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Hello @Dogmomhacks @Rsmith Can you share your ETH addresses please so as we can check?

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@Alan47, I can now see my collectibles on my TW tab. I bought a new ntf at opensea yesterday. It’s also displayed on the list. So it seems fine now. Thanks a lot.


Great! Glad to know that. If you have further inquiries, feel free to message us. Stay SAFU!

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