Converted some Ethereum to Shib token in UniSwap. Tx failed and I was charged with ETH

Hi, I converted some Ethereum to Shib token in UniSwap in trustwallet. I was charged a fee, but no Shib token currency was added to me. when a token has not been transferred to my wallet, why should I deduct the Ethereum fee? The fee is paid when something has been done and not a transaction. Please check and add the fee and my Ethereum to wallet.thank you



My ethereum adress:


Hello @Mehran1985,

Based on the transaction, it failed and your ETH was not swapped to SHIB at that time. Even though the tx failed, you will still be charged with network fees by the miners, since they have processed the tx and included it in the block.

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I have same problem, the swap from etherium to shib is not possible , and insufficient swap will be shown. Please help me out how I can swap it.

did find out the solution? im running in to same problem and it’s already eaten my fees twice