Crypto not show up

Hi it’s been well over a week now. Please see screenshots below.

Hello @Troymc Send your wallet address and transaction hash in plain text too (copy and paste here).


Here is the address. How do I find the hash you require sorry?

Hello @Troymc you already crosschain swap your funds: Dex Explorer

Sorry I don’t understand what you mean? I did one transfer a few days earlier which showed up however my second transfer did not come through.
Please see attached picture from Coinspot

How do I make a post so I can ask questions somewhat same thing here Iv been waiting on my solana and nothing still :confused:

@Troymc this address has no any funds currently. You already transferred out your funds on crosschain swap. You can check on explorer and see.

No the funds I transferred which was 1.2bnb did not ever shown up in my trust wallet. I did not have them come through so could not have swapped them on the chain already.
I transferred BNB the week prior to swapped it however the transfer I did from coinspot on 20/11/21 did not ever show up in my trust wallet.

The address was correct as you have seen.

Please let me know what to do regarding this