Deposit Binance-peg usdt to erc20 addreass(easy crpyto)

Hi guys,

I sent Binance-Peg Usdt from trust wallet to a ERC20 USDT addreass(Easy Crypto). Then I contacted the EC side, they said they have talk to Binance and Binance suggested me fill out a form and apply for self Revocery. However, I could not finish the form as the amount, addreass or the TXid could not match up.

Can some one help me with this?

Tx Hash:0x467e0a2d3d81f29f70243212c13f9e9a051b6f1f3ef309f48b4f901a61afba1c


Link: Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

Great thanks.

Hi @AdenYu you sent your tokens from Trust Wallet to easy crypto and transaction was successfully sent from Trust Wallet. The one who can help you now is Easy Crypto as confirmed blockchain transactions can’t be reversed. All you have to do is to follow instructions given by Easy crypto.

Thanks for reply.
Binance suggests me apply for self recover service. However, I still could not match up Txid and amount etc.
EC has said that they can only do limited assistance.