Didn't get XRP from Binance

I brought XRP from Binance to the wallet, in Binance the transaction is shown successful, I looked at the hash - everything is also normal. But they did not come to the wallet after a few hours. Although after the transfer to the wallet, a notification came from the wallet that XRP was received, but there is nothing in the NOTIFICATION item in the app itself (as well as transactions and a non-zero balance).
Is it taking so long to get to the wallet, or is there something wrong here? I entered the wallet and network address correctly.


Same me for me whit Dogecoin from Bnb to the wallet. Till now since more than two hours nothing changed.

same issue i want to know how to fix


Im also facing the same issue. Does your xrp balance still zero?


yes still zero

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I transferred 70 around XRP from Binance to trust wallet but only received 50 XRP in trust wallet.
What can be done. Can someone help?

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I transferred 4500 dogecoin tokens from trust wallet to bianace and it sent to the wrong location! I tried to send it back to the sender and now have missing tokens

I sent my coins from bianace to trust wallet initially. Wouldn’t I be the sender since I sent my coins over ?? Why did it send it to some random address

Im solved this problem. Trust wallet for coin XRP said, that 20XRP is reserved for activation xrp wallet…

Have same issue here i trasfer 20 plys 37 xrps but still have only 37 xrp the one i purchased later from trust wallet