Exchanging using Bamboo relay

What to do in this situation?
Transaction dropped??

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Try adjusting your fees. Increase it to a higher gas price.

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This had nothing to do with the gas fee. I dont think. The transaction dropped

Please check with the DApp owner as it could also be a problem on their end.
Can you also provide the ETH address you are using for this site?

Hi. Are you asking for my etherium address?
Mine: 0x5eA0f303e230dF9F23dfdC0c350dd743b1f97d03

I dont have much etherium on my wallet

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Seems there was enough fast fee

So who do I contact
Bamboo relay?
I did an exchange

Bamboo Relay was where I did the exchange

Did it worked when you increased your fees?
These transactions normally require higher fees as it is a complex one.

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Hello. A question?? Does one need etherium or BNB on Trust Wallet to be able to refer? This is a newly created wallet!


Please send me your email address so that we can chat on Hangout okayPreformatted text