Failure to deposit the token

good morning,
I made the purchase according to these 2 documents, the token has been reduced from me, but the token that I bought did not sit in the volt trust, can you please help?



Hi, Please try to add it as custom token. Here are the steps that you can do to manually add the token: How to Add a Custom Token

Hi Alan, could you please help me?

I was transferring funds from Trust Wallet to Finance via Smartchain like I usually do but this time around my transaction was stuck on pending without there being any information about the transaction on the Blockchain explorer. So I went through the support forum of Trust Wallet and found that I had to reimport my wallet in order to fix this problem. So I did just that but now the pending transaction is no longer there and the funds I was transferring have disappeared alongside it. Please help.

Can you share your smart chain wallet address here so that I can check please.

Yes sir, the Smartchain wallet address is:


I ca see 0.05964741 BNB in your wallet is it correct amount? If yes, you have to make sure you update your app and try using VPN and refresh.

Yes, that’s correct but I should be having more than 0.1 BNB as I transferred about the same amount from Trust Wallet to Binance in the transaction that was stuck. That amount I transferred hasn’t been deposited in my Binance but it’s been deducted from my Trust Wallet.

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That’s not correct, this wallet only received 2 transactions 1st: 0.04 BNB and 2nd: 0.01964741 BNB, so the current balance in your wallet is correct amount.
See this screenshot, you can scan your wallet address on to confirm yourself.

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That is exactly what I’m saying. That address was supposed to receive a THIRD transaction from Trust Wallet but the transaction got stuck on pending without there being any information about it on Blockchain explorer. So I tried the troubleshooting fix as told on the Trust Wallet forum and reimported my account. After reimporting, the pending transaction was no longer visible and the funds I was transferring were deducted from my Trust Wallet as well but not received on Binance.

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This was the transaction ID I was supposed to follow to check my third transaction. You can see that there is nothing on it therefore I reimported my account like the Trust Wallet forum said.


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There’s something not clear. Where were sending 3rd transactions from and to where?

I was sending the transaction FROM my Trust Wallet and TO my Binance. I really hope you can help me with this bro

Sir, the problem still isn’t fixed and my crypto amount is still missing. Please help.

Where did you get this transaction hash in the first place? Please send the full link. You can attach photos as well.

I got the transaction hash from this link which was given to me when my transaction was still in pending. As you can see, no information comes up and according to the Trust Wallet forum, when this happens, the solution is to reimport the wallet which I did and everything went haywire.

It is likely a cache issue at that time. Though based on the explorer right now, everything is fine. Nothing was sent nor lost.