Full moonshot coins did not arrive after swap


I swapped 0.295 ($144.85) BNB for moonshot but only recieved $77.23 worth.

I have had the same issue, showing around 25% of what I invested after swap

exactly the same
2 times : 1 time buying and 1 selling

I didn’t not receive the good amount on my trust wallet

-0x24c6bf9df15dd81f8796e9a39a7d2f73549d8fae37a6f2d5202ccfec7fac7a08 : i sold my Safemars for ~7000€ there was ~7000€ on my wallet for a 20mn time there was a ~+2k% peak at 22h25 (exactly when i sell Safemars) and i only receive ~800€ …

-0x970bd9d2db4f704876f80253abf1918ae870ceab2e5e8247d9a043b9f0a4e534 : i just bought Moonrat for the rest of money i had ~800€ and it makes the same i only receive ~400€ …

i am using 5.21 trust wallet
my bnb wallet adress is 0x5C102Fa8747C1f99BE315a97623d9ED93A439B13

Good Evening guys, did the full value ever arrive and how do we get it back?