Hardware wallet Vs Software wallet

Is Trust wallet a software or a hardware wallet??


This is not a question my friend or you simply want to test is if we know what we doing here. It’s not a hardware wallet it’s software hence it’s an online wallet. Can you carry your trust wallet physically.

Obviously, Trust Wallet is software wallet.

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Its a software or online wallet. Hardware wallet are tangilble,you can carry them anywhere . Plug in usb port just like pendrives. Trezor and Ledger Nano are some of hardware wallet.


Im asking because I want to understand, bro don’t miss understand me. Im not testing anyone if you know something don’t jump to conclusions and assume we all know it.

Ok thank you now I understand the difference.

Ok wow now I see I must get one myself. Sounds more safer than storing online.

You did nothing wrong by asking. It is a mobile wallet.

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