Help figuring out where my funds are!

Hey guys I tried to swap some NPXS old token not the new one on uniswap for eth. it was approved and sent and shows as successful yet i never received my eth. Please help me locate to get some peace of mind. NPXS is up 20k% and I dont wanna miss out on those gains

here is some info
version 1.29.1

wallet address 0x2c2cCBa354938654ED8719F957d3AD859f942Fe9

tx id 0x698926f17ceee5adb0dfe150d0c9ad85a6b13a28c38f84131ea6288980c32080

thank you in advance for your help

The swap was successful.
Based on the transaction:

Swap 9,960.555848285795035201NPXS For 0.006851319493739254 Ether

It was just a small amount of ETH that is why you might have not noticed it come in to the wallet.