Help in downloading the app

Download time next to the app icon written beta.
Is the original version 1.28.0 or 1.28.1 ؟؟؟
please help me

Hi @behdad11,

Please send a screenshot regarding the issue that you are referring to

What is the original version of Trust Volt? What version is it?
The site has 1.28.6
It comes with Windows 1.28.2
I look at the phone, Google Play is 1.28.8 and
I look at the program itself, is it 1.28.0 ???

Versions may vary as it takes time for the Google Play store to release the updates across various regions.

As of writing…
Beta app - 1.28.4
Public - 1.28.2
APK via - 1.28.8

In general, the official download links can be found here: If you downloaded it anywhere else, your wallet is at risk of being compromised.