Help me understand the fees

Hello everyone,

I purchased 4 BNB worth catgirl. which is about $2150. When I was processing it the network fee was $2.5
Once the transaction was complete I only received $1970 instead of the $2150.

Could you help me understand why this happened? Did something go wrong or a bigger chunk is taken aside from the network fee?

Thank you for your help.

Did you try reading the tokenomics of this coin to see if they have a rebate system where a percentage of tokens is deducted when you swap or withdraw.

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oh you are right I totally forgot they take 1% to give to all holers and I think 2-3% burn.

Thank you I knew the details it didn’t register in my mind. lol

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So now the value of my Catgilr in the transaction is more than what I saw initially

I can’t attach a screenshot, unfortunately. But initially, it showed I got $1700 from my $2200 exchange and now the $1700 shows as $2500.

Does that value update on VSCScan?


Hey @Bez, the value of your tokens may have increased, you can always check on the BscScan explorer.

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