Help with sometihng else / Securty Issues

I guess you misunderstood me. I haven’t lost my words. I do have them. When I enter the 12 words on the system It doesn’t access to my first wallet but it takes me to another website and opens another wallet. The wallet that it is supposed to open is 0x9EBE5cd6C4dDacA1fB1406Ac2C339c90A412A47e but the one that the numbers gets me to is 0x3Ddb48150F26Adc3A5c3A3864b32E4f8D57128Bc . And I am pretty sure that the numbers are absolutely correct because I copied and passed them. When I saved them. I attached the proof of what I am saying on this email. You can check it out for yourself.

If the addresses don’t contain your funds, there could be a number of reasons:

1 This is a completely different wallet, make sure you imported the correct one.
2 You have restored the wrong recovery phrases. Every recovery phrase has its own unique Multi-Coin wallet addresses. You need to find the correct set of words to recover your wallet. We do not have a record of these recovery phrases.

I have exactly the same problem. I have put the twelve words and instead to show my wallet it shows a new one!