Holiday Competition - Education Is the Best Gift

Education is the best gift

A Lot of people get overwhelmed by reading tutorials and watching videos by themselves. Especially when it comes to Crypto education, adding a personal touch to the experience can go along way in making it easier for them to understand the basics of blockchain and decentralization. That’s why this Christmas we want to encourage all our users to grab a family member by the hand and help them in going down (instead of falling) the steep and deep crypto rabbit hole.

Educate Them Through Binance Academy

The best way to start this walk is with a hand on approach along the basics of Blockchain 101. Our own Binance Academy has a great and on point selection of exceptional learning resources, from Consensus to Security, they will not only show you the basics of blockchain and decentralization, but also teach you best security and privacy practices so your loved once don’t fall prey to scamming or forgot to backup their keys! After you went through some of the Binance Academy basics, you can head over to our own YouTube channel and have a look at some of our first hand videos. Their we will show you the first baby steps like how to setup your wallet and how to secure it. We will guide you on your web3 journey by demonstrating a swap on KyberSwap (DEX) and by buying your own(non-fungible) fierce little companion with Chibi Fighters.

Let Them Experience It Through Trust Wallet

Once you have shown them the basics on Binance Academy and helped them install and get used to Trust Wallet, it’s time for them to actually get their feed wet and try some real use cases. This way the hard acquired knowledge finds a way to stick and doesn’t just evaporate to useless brain dust. The first step should be to send them them some Ethereum. This could also be a great Christmas gift if you are still looking for one. Then make sure that they backup the 12 word seed phrase so their newly acquired wealth doesn’t get lost in scrambled encryption. Next it’s time to show them how to actually use their Trust Wallet and explore the world of crypto and the decentralized Web3.

Some things you could show them

  • Send a small amount back to your address
  • How to exchange tokens over a DEX
  • Show them merchants that accept crypto payments and help them to buy something
  • Make a donation with Binance Charity Foundation
  • Own and play with crypto collectibles
  • How to stake coins with Trust Wallet

#useTrust to Educate Your Family

Teaching is something we all could (and should) be doing on a regular basis. It is the only thing that will build the bridge between us early adopters and the first wave of commercial users.

Whatever it is you do to help with that cause, please share your experience with us and the whole crypto community by using our hashtag #useTrust on Twitter!

Your experience can come in form of a short story, a photo or a personal video message! Sky’s the limit for your own creativity. Not only will you have our deepest respect and appreciation, but we will also reward the most creative submissions with $BNB and merch.

The most creative 3 winners will each receive 1x BNB and our handsome Trust Wallet T-Shirt. 2 additional winners will receive 1x BNB and some awesome Trust Wallet and Binance stickers.

Competition rules:

  • Teach someone something about Crypto
  • Tell us on Twitter about what you did with the hashtag #useTrust
  • You can use image / video or just write a tweet
  • We’ll pick 5 creative winners between now and December 30th.
  • First

Count your blessings, educate your family this Christmas, open your gifts, help someone in need and make a wish for 2019 under the Christmas tree.

The whole Trust Wallet teams wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

Posted: Dec 23, 2018