How to Find Official Support

DYOR (Do Your Own Research)

Ideally, we encourage everyone to be proactive in finding solutions on their own.
With this new emerging technology, a lot of questions will be raised and the cryptocurrency space is filled with dark corners.

This self-help website at will be a one stop shop for all guides and resources. We are making it the best way possible to find answers for the commonly asked questions. The guides are shortened and explained in a way that anyone can understand.

We Need Your Support

That is why we would like everyone to contribute. Every effort, no matter how big or small, counts.

Check out these sections if you have anything you want to add:

  • Help - Let us know about any issues you encounter below so we can start work on fixing them!

  • Ideas - Have a new feature in mind, or would like to request for a new token or blockchain, everything goes here. Our devs would like to hear from you.

  • Feedback - We’d love your feedback on how we can improve all aspects of our service. How have your experiences with our customer support been? Is our App easy to use? Is our website useful?

Submit a Request

After going thru our self-help site and you cannot seem to find what you are looking for, then submit a request and we will find a solution for you.