How to Import a Wallet via Keystore File

What is a Keystore File?

A Keystore File (sometimes called a UTC file) in Ethereum is an encrypted version of your private key. They are generated using your private key and a password that you use to encrypt it. If you open up your keystore file in a text editor it contains data pertaining to the encryption of the private key.

Keystore File from MyEtherWallet

Keystore Files are password protected.
Without the password, you cannot decrypt the Keystore File.

Importing an Ethereum Wallet

We will now proceed to the process of importing a wallet via Keystore File. In this scenario we will choose to Import an Ethereum wallet.

How to Access Wallet Import Screen

  1. Open Trust Wallet and then tap on Settings.
  2. In the Settings screen, you will find here Wallets.
  3. Tap on the “+” sign on the upper right to access the Import Screen. Tap on Ethereum.

There are other individual assets that can be imported on Trust Wallet as seen on the image above.

Import via Keystore File

Open your Keystore file with a text editor. You need to copy the entire contents of the file and paste it on the Keystore JSON tab. Type the password to decrypt the file. Put a Name so that you can easily recognise the wallet.

Once you are done typing, just tap on Import.

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