How to Setup your TWT TipBot Account

What is TWT TipBot?

In line with distributing Trust Wallet Token (TWT) to our loyal and active users, a TipBot for Telegram has been created. This will help in engaging the users of Trust Wallet Telegram groups to participate in the conversation and help each other out.
The TipBot will be added to all Telegram channels and our Admins are ready to distribute some TWT to the community.

Setting Up Your TWT TipBot Account


Your TWT TipBot Account allows you to receive and send tips. For receiving tips, you can just use your existing BNB address. However, if you plan to send tips, it is recommended to create a new Multi-Coin Wallet. Your 12-word Recovery Phrase will be needed in order to allow the TipBot to send tokens in your behalf.


  • Never use your Main wallet for your TipBot account.
  • BNB is required for tipping, so your wallet should have some in order to process transactions.

How to Setup a Receive Address

  1. On your Telegram app, send a direct message to Tap on START to begin setting up your account.

2. Next, tap on Register Wallet. Then enter your BNB Address from your Trust Wallet. This will be used for receiving tokens.

3. That’s it!. You have successfully set your Receive Address.

How to Setup Your Tipping Address (For Admins)

  1. Tap on the Settings Button. From here you can set your Twitter Name and Set PrivateKey.

2. Tap on Set PrivateKey. Send your 12-word Recovery Phrase to the bot.

3. You have now granted Full Access to your BNB address.

If you have a Twitter account, you can also send your Twitter @username to the bot. We have more surprises in store for those who follow the Official Twitter account of Trust Wallet. Please stay tuned.