How to use the DApp browser on iOS

We had to remove the decentralized application (DApp) browser from Trust Wallet on iOS. This was required to comply with new App Store Guidelines and to continue offering and improving our services on iOS.

For those who still need access to DApps on their iOS devices, this guide will help in getting the TestFlight version of Trust Wallet which still includes the DApp browser. TestFlight is an iOS app that developers use to allow Beta testing of applications.

Step 1 - Install Test Flight

Get the Test Flight version by tapping on any of the links below:

TestFlight would have to be installed first in order to use the Beta version of Trust Wallet.

You will be redirected to the TestFlight site of Trust Wallet. Tap on View in App Store to install TestFlight.

Step 2 - Install Trust Wallet

After installing TestFlight, tap on one of links again to get Trust Wallet.

Tap on Install, then wait for the installation to complete.

Step 3 - Launch DApp browser

Tap on Open to launch the app. Create or Import a Wallet.
Success! DApp browser restored on your iOS device.

Always make sure you have a backup of your wallet.
Full guide here: How to Backup a Multi-Coin Wallet