How to Withdraw(UnFreeze) Tron

Unstaking Tron Tokens

This guide is only applicable if you have Tron tokens currently staked. If you would like to do that instead, then follow this guide on How to Stake Tron on Trust Wallet.

Once your Tron tokens are unstaked, then you will not be receiving any staking rewards anymore. The Withdrawal of your tokens are only possible after a full 3 days of being frozen.

Let us proceed.

How to Withdraw my Staked Tron

Step 1. Access Staking Platform

Open your Tron Wallet. Tap on Staking is now Available to access the Staking Platform and then tap on Tron.

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Step 2. Check if Withdrawal is Available

Once the 3 day freeze time has lapsed, the Withdraw button will be enabled. Tap on Withdraw, then tap on Confirm on the popup message.

If Withdraw is not available, the button will show you an approximate time.

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Step 3. Confirm the Sign Message

Make sure to tap on OK on the Sign Message popup and wait for the transaction to complete.


Step 4. Withdrawal is Complete

You have successfully completed the unstaking of your Tron tokens. The balance on your Tron wallet will automatically refresh and you can now send the tokens.

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