I bought the token but did not receive it

Hi, Yesterday I bought some GameWin currency, but nothing was added to the currency inventory I bought
I did all the steps of adding the token correctly
Transaction Hash: 0x4c1a64773f9e4ca937af1f6677e631c6b8e0655131593fec248e709e477fb99e
Smart chain: 0x3a0999b5da0a4D297785Cd5f1AfC7EEaD6eA6997
Version: 3.11
Sorry I can not send pictures
Please help us

@rajabi1993 you already transferred out your funds. Here’s transaction: Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

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The purchased token was deducted from bnb, but nothing was added to my Gamewin
And I did not transfer or sell any money.
Unfortunately I can not add images in this section and the system does not allow access.
Is there a way I can send pictures?

Transaction Hash: 0x4c1a64773f9e4ca937af1f6677e631c6b8e0655131593fec248e709e477fb99e

I did not transfer anywhere
Can you tell me where I transferred?

how do i send my shiba inu from trsut wallet to my Coinbase wallet ??? :heartbeat:

To PancakeSwap router contract, seems like staking or you added liquidity.


I did not understand, please can you explain more? :pray:
I swear to God I did not transfer or sell anything
I just bought the token but nothing was added to the token

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Please I bought wakanda inu of $137 the contract call has been executed and bnb debited but am yet to receive it. I bought for 5$ this morning and it was credited. But my $137 is nowhere to be found. Please help because am really devastated.