I can't cancel any pending transactions

An update was already released, please install that and make sure to follow the instructions stated here:

You need to send 0 ETH and make sure to change nonce to 0.
That is the oldest pending transaction showing:

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I am not able to change the nonce value.

Hi, i went through the guide with 3 ways to cancel the transaction and decided to go with the second method. It is to send yourself 0 ETH. It says to change my nonce value of new transaction to the nonce of pending transaction. But when I change it, and tap on Save, the app redirects me to confirm page, but the nonce doesn’t actually change.

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An update will be released to address this.

My transactions have been posting for hours. Please advise.

My transaction hash: 0x66ac168f6e47807f7de907f0d914e1cefbf3be5390c3078cbb69ffc37b1184d1

Looks like this already completed.

This is my wallet address… I also upgraded to the latest version…

My erc 20 token has been stuck on pending for almost a month now

You have 2 pending transactions with very low fees.

Follow this guide closely to cancel both first before you create a new one.

I’ve tried canceling my pending transaction twice but it hasn’t been sent up till now. How do I go about fixing this?

Can you try the suggestion above?

I have been facing this same issue for 5 days, all my transactions are failed. I followed the methods of creating a transaction with the same oldest nounce number and sending 0 eth to myself but it didn’t work. I just installed it 5 days ago so its the latest version. Pls help!!!
This is my wallet address

There seems to be an older transaction that is yet to be processed or cancelled.
You need to set the same nonce as this one. This is nonce 0.
Once this gets cancelled the other pending transactions will get processed if their gas fees meet the minimum bids.

After installing trust wallet and importing my wallet… I can’t find the pending transactions…

What is the ETH address that you have on the app?
Can you check it here https://etherscan.io and see if there is any pending transaction.

I can find it but its stuck

What is the ETH address?

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How to cancel my pending transaction. Help!



Answer was already provided above. Why you still spamming your address?

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