I didn't receive my feg token

I didn’t receive my feg token
I transferred from hotbit to trust wallet but i didn’t recive


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Me too man I follow

Sheesh s

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When u transferd?
The problem there is no email for support center to open a ticket and to follow up with them

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Hi @Tarekawamleh , tap the toggle sign on the upper right of the main wallet screen. You can also follow this guide: https://community.trustwallet.com/t/how-to-add-or-remove-a-coin/896

Its done
And it showing that I have zero token
I don’t know what is the problem
I communicated with hotbit they informed my to check with receiver

Have you tried to add it as custom token? If not follow this guide on how to add: How to Add a Custom Token

Why I have to add FEG coin as custom token
Its already available
And it showing that I have 0 credit

Can you try to use VPN and refresh, also update your app and reimport if problem persists.

It doesn’t solve the issue
I found that I used trc20 to transfer the coin on hotbit but on trust wallet the network is Bepe0

So. How can I solve this issue.

This guide will explain how to recover your funds when you have sent it to the wrong network. For example, you have sent or withdrawn: How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address

hi i need help with my FEG token i just send over from my coinbase wallet to trust wallet i have also read the replays here and i still does not seen the value / price of my FEG . trust wallet have FEG selection for this token and i used that address to send it over to trust wallet.

can you help me solve this problem or is there any other way that i can still use my trust wallet to do some exchange using my FEG token

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Hi @socratesjrv1 here are the criteria for showing price in Trust Wallet: Where Does Trust Wallet Get Coin Pricing Data From?