I have a problem with a DApp

I have a problem, May you solve it. My trust wallet address is different from the website that I join ‘Million Money’. Hoe can I solve this problem. My trust wallet address is 0x3c9DC90a9bBF280382a5F3937713e564Ac43379. And my address of Million Money website is 0x6e0De60B836546090427c82886087fE88cA8C998. How can I solve this problem.

Million Money is an application that was written by a group that is not associated with Trust wallet.
The application and website are not supported by Trust wallet.
If you choose to use the Million Money application and website you do so at your own risk.
Please reach out to their support team for assistance.

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Pls admin I also have problem with my Dapp . Pls I’m into forsage

And what exactly is the issue you are having?

I have a problem with DApp. I tried to buy smart contract by spending 0.1 Eth and referrel id. The transaction got successful but my automatic sign up didn’t happen. Please help
Transaction Id: 0xbdb650e53ffdf745c334ead5e8dfd780a3995769d70be4dd5befde97487a0e28
My crypto Id: 0x7b795f19d63ded6b7063f06a635dced626389604

Mail id: [email protected]
Referral I’d no. 6958

It does show that transaction was confirmed.
This is not an issue with the app.
Contact the smart contract owner for assistance.