I received LESS BNB than I staked


After unstaking, I discovered I received LESS BNB than I originally staked. Even after taking under consideration the fees, I am still short $56 worth of BNB. What gives? :nauseated_face:


Did you check the network fees? If the staking is through a Dapp, the ethereum network fees are staggering at the moment and everyone’s waiting for the incoming network releases (in few months if no delay)

yes, even including the fees, I got less than put in. I only did BNB. Its missing over $50 worth of BNB. I’m starting to think some of these validators are scammers. What else is new in crypto.

Well - tell me about it. I just got 2 months worth of ETH mining taken away from my wallet and still don’t know how the attacker had access.