I traded GNL to BNB but i havent received them!

I traded GNL TOKEN for bnb and i paid the fees and i can see that the transaction is oc! Succeded! The GNL token left my wallet but i never received the bnb! Can anyone help?

This is the transaction!!

Hello @Issbillos your transaction was successfully completed but it seems your funds redirected to another address (0x9e66B135b016719770a6ee5b2fE5edEbDd0601A0).

This usually occurs when you swap your tokens on phishing/fake DApps sites.

Can you tell us where did you find the link used during swapping? Send screenshot displaying the site with link visited visible.

So i lost my money??

@Issbillos unfortunately yes as transaction can’t be reversed. Be careful next time double check before connecting your wallet to the site.