Is Swap issue from BNB to BNB Smartchain is resolved?

Dear All

Kindly comments on this thread, does the swap from BNB to BNB Smartchain is resolved, Share your experience.

Anyone from the trust wallet team pls provide there views on it. People loosing there fees without any reason.

Worked for me now. But previous fees from failed swap was never recovered

what process do you use is you convert all for 50% or 75%. Have you done anything extra. kindly share pls

I did nothing out of the ordinary. Just straight convert 50%. I hope it will work for you now.

I have BNB and it when I try to swap to Smartchain I get “No assets found” pop up. Anyone have any idea why? My wallet shows that I have BNB…help?


I’m having the same issue. I swap BNB for smartchain. Transaction processed but still no smart chain or BNB that was over 12 hours ago

I having the same issue …I did a swap for BNB to bnb smart chain it was processed as the bnb went out but nothing has come back in … That was over 12 hours ago

I am having the same issue…after dex from bnb to bnb smart chain the money was deducted from bnb but no adding to bnb smart chain…

Same here bnb to eth and its been 48hrs has anyone gotten a response or any information to what this is happening?

the issue is not resolved yet…my money is still gone… Is there anyone to support us to help this issue?:slightly_smiling_face: :neutral_face:

The problem is solved on my wallet…we just need to wait…tq trust wallet :smile:

I have swapped bnb to usdt in pancakeswap but usdt are not ajowing in my wallet and amount is deducted from bnb.
Can anyone help ?

Issue is now resolved guys, I am able to swap. Just make sure you have enough bnb for fees

I have the same issue. “Swap to Smart Chain” → “No Assets Found” even though I have $150 in BNB… It’s been 3 hours already. Can someone please help?


Same for me ‘no assets found’ when I try to convert to smartchain. I have $390 in the account so it’s not a fees issue

Hi there. So sorry but I’m new to this and think.
Other day I bought some Binance USD and thought I could easily swop to SMART CHAIN then buy some Safe moon…It won’t let me. How can I change my Binance usd to BNB so I can swop? Really frustrating as I followed a YouTube link in how to buy BNB using trust wallet and it only let me buy the USD BnB! Please can you help me as the trust wallet support hasn’t got back to me for days.
I’ve tried to swop on trust wallet app and I now have what looks like 2 BNB but one says:
BUSD bep2 and the other BUSD bep20
I’m really confused.
Thank you in advance.

Having a similar issue as you all. I have enough BNB and smartchain to cover fees, yet on swap screen it says “insufficient bnb funds”. Tried sending to another wallet and back and again, and still not able to swap to smart chain

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I have the same issue can anyone from trust wallet explain why my transactions from pancake swap doesn’t reflected in my trust wallet?

Same issue here. Feels like money is stuck in BNB, any solve would be appreciated

Yes, same issue. I swapped 100% of bnb to bnb smart chain, and it claims success, and takes out the fee, but does not actually do the transactions to BNB smart chain. I tried once yesterday evening and then again this morning, and it’s doesn’t work. How does it manage to take the fee out just fine, but the transaction itself fails. That’s really infuriating. Will those fees be restored?

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