Is there any fee to send from Trustwallet address to TrustWallet address?

I know its a little novice but I just need to confirm it. if not Should the Trust Wallet team will add this in the future?


Yes of course, sending from one address to another u need to pay gas fee, fee depends on which token u are sending.


Yes you have to pay. It is a network fee not from Trust itself.


Gas fee is a compulsory fee, it wasn’t implemented by trust wallet. That is how it has always been, your fees depends on the token you are sending.


You pay network fees for any transaction you want to do. The amount varies and it all depends on which token you are sending.


Eth tokens - you need to have eth in your account for gas fees
bnb tokens like twt - require you have some BNB in your wallet to transact


Yes, another thing I had in mind. Thanks for the info. So one wallet to another wallet you are charged for gas no matter who’s wallet it may be. How about if we move the wallet itself from your multicoin wallet to another let’s say Saving. Like moving files in a folder? Does that sound dumb? New here. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Can you clarify your question? What do you mean by “Saving”? Where are you trying to move it?

Well, in general, you can import your wallet from the Trust Wallet app to other wallets that support importing via recovery/mnemonic phrase and private key (a tool is needed to derive it). It does not cost any network fees.

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