Issues swapping BNB to Harmony ONE


Hoping I can get some clarity here. Today I added 2.779 BNB (~$770 USD) to Trust wallet and swapped all for Harmony One. When I swapped, I received only 2,780 ONE (~$318 USD) but it was for the BEP2 token, not the native ONE, and now my USD value is cut in half.

It seems Trust has some old One bep2 liquidity that should have been converted over to native One coins. How can I swap these tokens out?

Alternatively, if I try to swap my 2,780 ONE BEP2 back for BNB, it’s only showing 1.96BNB, thus I am losing almost .8.

Can someone please advise on how to reverse this, or at least convert my BEP2 to Native One? Feel very let down by this platform right now.


You should buy on exchange instead

100%, I definitely should have.

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Ive had a similar thing. got Harmony with a massive fee and im stuck as it won’t let me send it over to binance. any advice.? I havent got any BNB in there, and it does mention that I don’t have enough fees but after the first chuck im a bit hesitant as to how to go about it now

I’m having the exact same issue. Just swapped BNB for ONE and now I’ve lost half of my value. Did you manage to sort this?


Trust wallet dex swaps bep2 tokens to bep2 token and bep20 to bep20 you need send them to binance and withdraw as naitive coin or swap them back to bep2 bnb