Issues swapping XRP for BSC to cover fees

Hi All, So i recently sent XRP from my Binance Exchange account to my trust wallet -------Seamlessly.
I can not for the life of me, figure out how to swap XRP to other coins now on the trust wallet, I understand that I need BSC funds to cover fees , which I also tried to convert from the existing XRP in the trust wallet. Any pointers?

Sidenote **I would recommend, for dummies like myself, interoperability and a simplified work around without all the confusion, For many, understanding which tokens are grouped on one Blockchain can be half the confusion.
World Adoption is in the hands of the developer who can achieve this simple yet understandably complex task. :pray:t3:

Exactly the same issue. Sent Xrp from etoro wallet to a trust wallet with the intention of swapping / converting to ETH or USDT Tether.
Can’t figure out any workarounds to:
Approve transaction by funding BSC
Or even send back to previous wallet. Now just says invalid recipient address.
Basically, the coins are stuck and its cost 20 xrp for the privilege.
There must be a simple solution to this?
Help definitely needed

I removed my XRP from the trust wallet altogether. Until there becomes a seamless uncomplicated method of using not only trust wallet but quite a few others, people similar to myself will opt out until there are easier ways with contactable support available.World adoption will be in the hands who achieves simplicity and convenience.