Kuma inu tokens not showing

I have added the kuma inu as a customer tokens in my wallet then I went to transfer from my metamask to trust wallet using the address’s given to me… everything went successful even confirmed on ethascan but can’t see my tokens please kindly rectify this
Trust wallet version: 2.1

Trust wallet address: 0x9FDb06378aFB3B37E9aB79468a55192C3Bd72E57

Transaction hash:0x7b4ebb9e3c009dbc613964d04249f53d73e6032856685e9bddf80647279e737a

Token: kuma inu


Hello @David111
Your tokens are in your wallet, you probably added it as a custom token wrongly.
Please use this to add your Kuma Inu tokens again
Contract: 0x48c276e8d03813224bb1e55f953adb6d02fd3e02
Decimals: 18

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I am having the same issue. I used trust wallet / uniswap purchasing Kuma inu with etherium. The transaction was successful but the tokens are not rating in my trust wallet?? Please help

Trust wallet: 6.6

Wallet connect address

Transaction hash

Hello @Banjo87
You also need to add it as a custom token. Please check the message above