Loss of ETH in the Dex during swap

Hi, in the Dex section of the trast wallet, I swapped the ETH currency for the TUSD currency. Transfer done. Then I exchanged all the TUSD currency for ETH via dex. Unfortunately, after 4 days, ETH has not yet been credited to my wallet. Please help me
transaction hash:

Hi @msn2
The token you have swapped to is Wrapped Ethereum (WETH).
You would need to add ERC20 WETH as a custom token
Learn more here:

i did this but my problem didn’t solve
please help me by another way if you know

Hello @msn2
Can you upload screenshots of the missing balance ?
Also please provide your app version.

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hi jenny. Did you get the pictures I sent ? Please tell me what has happened to my ETH ?
please help me jenny

Hi @msn2
it shows you have a balance of 0.216 ETH and there are no pending transactions therefore your ETH is the value shown and should be in your wallet.

Dear Jenny , I " ve changed about 8,000$ ( ETH ) for tusd . After a few minutes , I changed about 8,000 $ ( tusd ) to ETH . But just about . 19 ETH entered the wallet . Now after deduction of the transfer cost , the 7,600$ would be added to ETH .

How did you do the swap? Was it thru the DApp Browser or you have used WalletConnect.
If you can send screenshots, that would be great.

In trust wallet, DEX section, then swap.
can you help me pleas?
Have you read the messages I sent to Jenny?

What screenshots do you need that I send you?

  1. First transaction , ETH for TUSD:
  2. The second transaction , the Tusd for the ETH :

I see thanks for clarifying. Will forward this information to our developers for review.

Thank you very much. This money is my capital and I am very worried about it. Thank you for helping me get it.

Can you send me a direct message. We will compensate you for the loss ETH during this Swap.

Thank you my friend. Where should I send the message? This is my email address
[email protected]

I have sent you a direct message. Please respond as soon as you can. Thanks.