Lost Coins again!!!


I tried to transfer some #LTO from trust wallet to KuCoin today. Coins not showed up in Kucoin, I don’t understand what ive done? Details below,

Transaction Hash - 0xd800e8b9bb0e6a699557d8dafde70327be2909d14db4c90b94cab15866e1faa1

From - 0x6003b1c90762812df9b9813e7e53d12ab8b1ff8a

To - 0xffd8f4cfd2fd179d6c3007a6f4e735a4ce05725c

Hello @Steveanderson89
Does Kucoin support that token you have deposited?
Please contact the customer support of Kucoin so they can assist you with the deposit issue.