Missing funds after transfer

Hi guys ! I transfered 2,6 BTCST from my Binance to TW and arrived only 0,5 . Afther this, i reinstalled the wallet and now i’t 0 BTCST, it doesen’t appear anymore.
What can i do to recover my funds ?
Thank you !


I sent btc and ETH to my TW and both disappeared as if I sent to another wallet which I didn’t , I wonder how do I recover

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Same here. The address i sent was correct, ndax customer support confirmed it. I have sent about 14 emails and I have not received any response. I understand funds cannot be returned if it was sent to the wrong address, I dont understand how to get any information regarding what happened to my money


I use Trust wallet
I bought some CELR digital currency and used BEP20 instead of ERC20 in transfer to Trust wallet, and unfortunately the coins were not deposited for me.
Help me please

I see nobody respond us, meanwhile i saw my ecomi coins dissapeard aswell. If nobody aswer soon, i’l think it’s a acam wallet

BEP2 represents a token standard on Binance Chain, while BEP20 represents a token standard on Binance Smart Chain. Please ensure that you do not input an ERC20 address as a BEP20 withdrawal address

Please if the sending wallet is BEP2 then the receiving wallet should be BEP2

BEP20 >>>>> BEP20


Tap on top right corner and search CELR then switch on CELR BEP20 manually.

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In my case it’s not about this. I made the transfer properly… i transfered 2,6 BTCST from Binance and it’s arrived only 0.5
After this i reinstal the app and then was 0 BTCST and some ECOMI disappears aswell after reinstall…
How is possible to disappear coins from a wallet ? And i saw they’re a lot of people of this problem with this wallet… ?

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Same issue here. I swapped bnb for ethereum. Bnb is showing sent but the ethereum hasn’t arrived in my wallet

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Same problem with me. I swap back MOONSHOT to BNB from PancakeSwap app and I received less then half of my money. Need some answers please

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Guys, try to open pancake swap from TW and check there for your coins.
My 2,5BTCST appear there… but ecomi not…

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At least you saw some money, mine just totally disappeared :woman_shrugging: so frustrating when you can’t get any answers

Hi there i tried to swop safemoon for bnb and it said transaction confirmed and even charged me with chain coins 3 dollers worth and its nit about the money but i am fuming as the transaction didnt go ahead yet i was charged…shocking behaviour if u ask me… U wud like my chain coins bk since u didnt actually swop at time if request

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It’s crazy. My transaction went through absolutely normal. Fees charged, transaction went through, bnb taken, but no ethereum in my wallet!!

I have the same issue! not sure where my money went?! I sent BnB to ETH coinbase wallet and it disappeared

Hi there. Transferred some bep20 Lina tokens from Binance to trust wallet bep20, but received nothing. Txids:

Nothing appeared in wallet, no notification, no changes, in Binance all completed. Wallet address is correct

Yes same I sent bnb to eth and never received eth even though the bnb was sent

yeah me too, i transfer some bnb from indodax and my friend try to send me bnb from TW to my TW, got recieve notification but my bnb coin still 0, no increment

Hey I sent TOMOE to a TOMO adress and I’ve done all the parts about private key but I can’t find my assest can you help me?

I am missing a transaction
e4f28cc0-ae30-4274-b201-dde7daf27069 transaction id
0xf5bb2d1952b9aae475970b4b484b03a9d9f6ea94 wallet id
0x9dbaa1ff1793499342dae19b93112a8384636402a2a53a3050544431014a58de transaction hash

I used trust wallet which sent me to moon pay, have submitted tickets with both and the transaction just doesn’t appear when I click on any link sent to me from moonpay. The funds have been allocated from my account already and I’ll attach a screenshot of the transaction that says completed from moonpay.

Ok well maybe no it says I can’t

Hi i made a transfer via pancakeswap a few weeks back and now randomly my bnb and bsc tokens keep dropping out of my wallet… anyone know how i can retrieve them back