Missing Pancakeswap into TrustWallet

Swapped Refinable to DogeCoin…took my Refinable but my DogeCoin never added to my existing DogeCoin?

Address: 0x11f75c6ba391d7bb76afb02a6e96bc729d2e53a7
Hash: 0xdf0751695e28b7ac5e638555e97fa81e97f9d33e038a7466ec9fbf3953fcd8d4

Did I do something wrong?

Forgot to add my Trust Wallet Version: 1.29.1

[70 character limit meet)

Just looked at the BSCscan…no value…? (sorry, 70character limit meet)

Can anyone assist…the rocket is leaving soon! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: Lets GO!!! Lets GO!!! Lets GO!!!

WOW no help huh?!? Nice to see an offered solution that ALSO collects profits but offers no proper support channels…little help here please!

1st one to help me reclaim, I will send a donation of either Doge or BTC to your wallet.