Missing Shiba Token

Good Day!

Im having problem with my shiba token erc20 didnt show up to my truswallet,
i use usdt erc20 to buy the shiba token and i have enough ethereumerc20 to accept the transaction after the complete transaction of swapping my usdt to shiba token didnt show up to my wallet 13hours ago.


Iā€™m having trouble as well, bought sone Bitcoin at a Bitcoin atm and sent it to trust wallet. I found the transaction address in block chain but nothing is showing up in my trust wallet. Plz help

I used Ethereum to swap to Shiba with Uniswap on Trust Wallet. Says the transaction failed but all the fees were taken.

Bought loads of shiba in trust wallet via pancake swap. Both transactions were successful and appear on bscscan. However, shiba appears as 0 tokens in trust wallet. What is the problem???