Missing tokens & I can't work out what's happening

Hi, I would be really grateful for any help. I’ve been using Trust wallet and linking via wallet connect to Pancake swap and buying tokens without any issue. However over the past couple of days I have tried to purchase 2 different tokens and neither have appeared in my multi-coin wallet.

Im using V6.11 (6111) on TW
The Transaction hashes are:-

Torum token - 0xe3fc11783a6bc8906619b79035d1cb6a465b5d445ceda8e9a94a94b541cb7b93

Roseon Finance 0x57e2bccc21be680b0292b9a0f1be913b1bfd1230896f2926166eabbd7f253a22

What I’ve noticed is that my wallet address is not the same as the address where the tokens seem to have gone and I dont know why.

I have not shared by passphrase or any passwords, but I have connected to pancake swap and poocoin.app in the past.

Please can anyone help. Pancake swap have not provided any help other introduce me too a load of people trying to scam my 12 word phrase :frowning:

Please let me know if you need any more info


Hello @npcross
Can you provide some more info?
Where did you make swap? Where did you find the link and also kindly provide screenshots of the link

Hi, thank you for trying to help me.
I used Chrome browser and searched for PCS on google and clicked on the pancake swap.finance homepage link, which looked authentic.

I have gone back in to browser history and the link I used for both transactions to me to the swap page : https://pancakeswap.finance.exchange24swap.site/swap/ which again looked very familiar - all the inks on the page seem to be correct and authentic too

Here is screen grab above.

Thanks for your time and help

I have the same problem. I bought Torum Token from Pancake swap but it refuse to show on Trust Wallet.
But when I go back to Pancake swap the Torum token show in the SWap page. How can I make it appear in Trust wallet.

Further information to demonstrate the different addresses, attached below from Bscscan


Hello @npcross
Check the link you have sent and see it is fake.
The real pancakeswap website is Pancakeswap.finance

Thanks for your reply. I have gone back in to it and can see you are right. I am amazed at how realistic the fake site was and can now kiss goodbye to my funds, but I’ve also learnt an important lesson. Upwards and onwards !!!