Missing Transaction from Binance to TrustWallet

Hello All

Yesterday I transfer Ethereum from my binance wallet to my wallet (Trust Wallet) with Bep20 network. as a received message from my binance it was successful transaction but nothing received in my trust wallet! I check my Ethereum address 10 times and it was accurate.
Kindly help me to cover my fund.

TXID: 0xe13d9939dfdb6e7c0d10acb8af4ea587c110718411807da022bf93a91739c1cc

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You need to add the coin into your view.
Search for “Binance-Pegged ETH BEP20” and tap on the toggle on, you will be able to see the ETH in BEP20.



Thanks for your answer bro

Im Kind if newbi about it. Appreciate if U explain in more details to Me

How to Add or Remove a Coin
That guide will show you step-by-step on how to do it.

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yeah. Thanks bro for your assistance :+1 :heart:,

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Hi yesterday I bought BNB for 150 $ on trustwallet, I can see they took the money from my bank account. When I open the app, it still says i have 0 $, and no BNB tokens. Can I please get help?

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First update the app if you haven’t done so and try to refresh it, else you need to provide the TXN ID, wallet address and App version and wait for the team to resolve it.

Hi I recently deposited 4.1BNB from Binance to my smart wallet it received then I went to exchange it to binance smart chain mid exchange I pressed press for more details then it went off the exchange and all my BNB had disappeared please someone help me it’s all the money I have and I’m just 19

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I also need assistance from the trustwallet team!

I haved saved my memonic phrase when I’ve stored some alt coins in my trustwallet on Abril this year, but whats strange its that I haved noticed that my phrase only have 23 word on it, also some of them its declared invalid by suported third parties phrase guiding sites - like and,in,it…

Theres no way i had ****up cause I’ved just copy and past the whole setence.

So what could be happening?

Hello @danylobn Trust Wallet only gives 12 words recovery phrase not 24 words recovery phrase like other apps. There’s something you did wrong the time you backup your wallet.

You have to figure it out and find a correct set of your wallet recovery phrase.

The reason Im saying I cant haved messed up that bad its because a bunch of words in this particular 23 letter phrase its being acused incorrect.
And how is that possible?

I get it i could missed a word when I copied and paste it, but wrong words and order?

This is so frustating!