Mistake Withdrew USDT to Binance smartchain BNB

I did a disater mistake that withdrew USDT to Trust wallet to Smart Chain BNB. The transaction was completedly successful but it has shown in my wallet as the mistake.
Is there any chance to recover the fund?
the Txid is 0x9c8902ef425f7365d3a5ff6b297f0aa24096dfd37b4e8af6db1594328806026f

The transaction hash is 0x37ecec8f88e41bb5922d8dc84c45f80a37c4a913737400a67b76f152da104e4f

Receive address is 0xDfF8f6249eE6A530610B8d89953aD107029B0686

My wallet version is 1.28.1
Thank you

I just made the same mistake 1h ago. Did they refund anything? Please inform me if you get anything new :frowning:

It was sent to Binance-ped usd-t. If your binance successful or completely transaction. Then You can search this token from the toggle button upright and click to show it in your wallet. Then you can swap into bnb smartchain and so on.
Hope it helps.

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can i withdraw USDT instead of bnb ( from binance) to smart chain bnb ( in trust wallet)?

you cant withdraw USDT directly to BNB smart chain. they are two different cryptocurrencies.

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then what can i do? the minimum bnb i can transfer from binance to trust wallet is .1 bnb, I don’t have this much amount. but i can transfer minimum 10 usdt. is there any way to do that?

how can i transfer 10 usdt from binance to trust wallet?

So, how to get the refund or it just gone? I did the same mistake before and it never show up in my wallet.