My NFTs are not showing up in my collectibles

Hello, I purchased these two nfts and do not see them in my collectibles. They are Ertha NFTs and they requested I use my BSC address.

![Screenshot_20211101-180147_Trust Wallet|225x500] upload://rCvCcW0a48zKCM2M6QxhtI33SVw.jpeg)

Please assist. thank you

My wallet address is 0xdb5a26dc4f2ca367719e34f15012b0a030c9b29d




Please help me. No one has answered me in days. I just want my nfts to show up in my collectibles on the trust wallet. thanks

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Pls I bought Nft and it hasn’t showed in trust wallet
Pls I really need to just have my NFt showing on trust wallet pls

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@JennyMiIIan @JennyMiIIan

Hi, same here. I’ve raised a ticket as well. Bought NFT on opensea but the NFT isn’t showing up in my collections. Can you please fix this or provide a resolution. You have all details from me via Email.

Hi, none of my 35 nfts are appearing in my collectibles. they are on my opensea page but not in my wallett. Checked previous threads where many people had the same problem - they said it was a server error on opensea side(?) Hoping they’ll just ‘come back’ as they seem to have for others, but still worried, can anyone help??

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Hi same here
I had 2 nft on eth chain i bought another and all disappeared how do i get help on this
Can anyone help

Hey guys i need help! My nft’s suddenly disappeared from the collectibles but im still the owner on opensea?! Is this a bug or something? Please help

there is an outage in opensea APIs so ethereum nfts are not working atm. We’ll update you once issue is fixed.

My NFTs are showing on my opensea but it’s not displaying in my collectibles
How do I rectify it

Same here. Yet no one answers in response to the ticket I submitted. Can someone help?